The regenerative approach.

At the heart of the development of Sales & Marketing teams

Generations Recruitment is at the heart of the development of Sales & Marketing teams. Since launching in 2009 we have brought hundreds of candidates and organisations (local or international) together. Our clients know they can count on our dynamic and expert team, who delivers the best success rates in the business – 97% of the candidates we have placed remain with their new employer after the initial six month period.

Our secret: our original approach to recruitment services, aims to find a perfect alignment between the individual’s career aspirations and an employer’s business needs and ethos.

Driving growth through innovation

Innovation is written in the DNA of Generations Recruitment. We can now offer an innovative and disruptive approach that has been developed with scientific rigor and helps to set businesses up for long term success, we’ve called it « The regenerative approach ».

The key is to align an individual’s career aspirations with the right company’s purpose and job requirements. This leads to higher job satisfaction and better performances. Getting this right from the outset makes it easier for employers to build happy teams working to their maximum potential.

An important point is that our professional motivations often evolve over time, and thus Generations Recruitment can repeat the process whenever the needs of the individual or company change – ensuring a more open and honest dialogue is maintained.

Helping teams reach their maximum potential

Our « Regenerative Approach » incorporates a range of services. We identify candidates’ professional aspirations and track these as their career progresses.

We support businesses as their teams evolve and help them to acheive their maximum potential. We are the market specialists in identifying candidate 360° profiles and matching them to their ideal roles and working environments. These roles could already exist in an organisation or to be created.

Forming teams for long term success

Organisations must build teams that can adapt to today’s rapidly evolving markets. To acheive this, it is essential to find the ‘perfect match’ and place the right people in the right roles.

An individual’s motivation and personality traits are key to long term compatibility, however these can be difficult to determine in a first meeting, or even during the entire term of employment. It’s for this reason that we undertook a research project with all the rigours of a scientific study.

From this research we identifed seven GR profile types that characterise the strengths and expectations of Sales & Marketing professionals. In turn, we can determine the environment a candidate requires to thrive.

Access the GR Profile Test

Generations Recruitment has developed an online tool that allows you to immediately determine your GR Profile. This is accessible to professionals looking for a new challenge, as well as anyone already settled in a role. The result provides a useful insight into the respondant’s ideal career path.